Who am I?

Hey, so really good question, who am I? I guess I don’t really know who I am, but I try to answer that question all the time through exploring the world around me, and writing, and answering that question I think is really what this blog is all about. Time to get real, like really real.


I am addicted to testing the boundaries of my comfort zone, and ironically as a result I often feel on edge. I’ll probably write about that one day. I’m into all sorts of out of the box things, for instance, in Detroit, I used to be a beekeeper, unfortunately that hobby didn’t ‘stick’ when I moved to Israel. I would like to pick it back up some day. I love to learn about the world, and to travel. I am really into personal development books, and really I find a lot of whacky things to be fascinating. I like to learn new things, I love to explore the world around me, and I enjoy writing about my thoughts.

I think its cool to be able to write down whats going through your head. For most of human history our thoughts were constrained to our minds, and would come and go as we thunk ’em, but now we actually have the ability to put them down on paper, or even more significant, screens! Its kind of insane, but thats what this blog is, its whatever those thoughts that are that are going through my mind

Welcome to my blog!