Who am I?

Hey, so really good question, who am I? I guess I don’t really know who I am, but I try to answer that question all the time through exploring the world around me, and writing, and answering that question I think is really what this blog is all about. Time to get real, like really real.

Some things about me:

I am 21 years old, I grew up in Detroit, (Oak Park for people that actually know), and after high school, I went to study for a year in a Yeshiva (religious study program) in Jerusalem. During my year in Israel, it became clear to me that I wanted to eventually live there, and I didn’t want to make the move without having done the service that every Israeli citizen is required to do. So I packed my bags, made Aliya (moving to Israel and attaining citizenship), and signed up to enlist in the IDF. That’s pretty much where I am now.

I love testing the boundaries of my comfort zone, and ironically as a result I often feel on edge. I’ll probably write about that one day. I’m into all sorts of out of the box things, for instance, in Detroit, I used to be a beekeeper, unfortunately that hobby didn’t ‘stick’ when I moved to Israel, I would like to begin keeping ants here as they are just as fascinating, and don’t fly. I love to learn about the world, and to travel. Growing up my parents would take us on road trips every year until 2 years ago we had reached every state in the US, including Alaska and Hawaii! I am really into reading personal developement books, and really anything interesting, I like to learn new things. I love to explore, and I love to write.

Welcome to my blog!